Monday, 6 April 2009

The start of something...erm... smaller!

So, this is my first blog! I'm Katie, I'm a 26 yr old diabetic and I'm AT LEAST 5 stone heavier than I want to be right now! I'm not at my heaviest, and I've never been slim in my entire life, but I have been a lot more fit and healthy than this. I have come to the conclusion, as many have before me, that now is my time to do something about it!!! I joined Weight Watchers a few weeks ago, and hope to make a difference to my body, my health, and most of all, my life!

I plan to write down every single thing that passes my lips, the idea being that if I have to "blog" it, I might think twice about flippin' eating it! And hey, while I'm typing, I'm not eating, obviously...Feel free to join me, comments all welcome!

Katie Weighty Mashed Potatie is a nickname I have had since I was young due to my eternal podginess, and my adoration of mashed potato (I was going to say it was a nickname I've had since I was small, but I was 10lb 13oz at birth, so small is never a word that's been associated with me!)
I intend to shed this nickname along with my weight, and become (bah bah ba buummmm...) "THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN!!"

I will make a difference to the quailty (and quantity) of life ahead of me.
I will not give up as I have so many times before.
I will give Mrs Pepperpot a run for her money and the other half will have to pick me up and carry me around in his pocket (OK, so if I do achieve this one, it could be more of a hinderance in the longrun...) Ho ho.

If I bite it, I shall write it...Wish me luck!!

Love Weighty Katie

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