Monday, 10 August 2009

And the moral of the story is..? never, ever eat before you point! 

I have just made a major schoolboy (or should that be schoolgirl?) error. I am sure I am not alone in having done this…

For anyone following Weight Watchers, in fact anyone on any type of diet, there comes a time when you, for want of another phrase, can’t be right bothered with counting your points, or your calories, or your vegetables only beginning with a P or whatever diet you might be following. Instead you think to yourself “Right - I’ve been doing this a while, I can make an educated choice and be fairly confident that I’ll get it right…” and off you pop to choose your ingredients for tea. Well, this is just what I did this evening. I decided that fresh pasta was the order of the day. After all, it’s quick, easy, tasty and filling. Plus it’s made with spinach and ricotta, so I could even count the spinach towards my five a day, can’t I? And how much ricotta can possibly be in them? I mean come on - those liddle pasta parcels are TINY! What could possibly go wrong? 

I even made a 0 point sauce to go with it. Actually, I still feel quite virtuous about that bit (polishes halo fervently). Tomatoes, courgettes, onion, mushrooms, pasatta, thrown together with garlic, ground black pepper, oregano and basil. Really yummy and not a single point. I don’t think Jamie Oliver’s bricking it, but I bet Delia would keep her eye on me. J 

I sit down to tea with the other half, tuck in and enjoy my masterpiece. I then come to enter it into my online tracker, only to find out that the pasta came in at a whopping EIGHTEEN points a bag. Seriously. Having shared the bag between us, I’ve just inadvertently consumed 9 points in exchange for some, quite frankly, less than orgasmic pasta. I mean for 9 points, I want something that’s going to curl my toes and have people asking me what I’m still smiling about the next day.  This just will not do. It’s a flippin’ good job that I made that 0 point sauce. 

So, now I’m thumb twiddling. Anything to stop me eating over my points allowance for the day. I might even get the latch hook rug out that I bought started when my sister was pregnant (it’s a beautiful Eeyore rug that was meant for my gestational niece. My niece is now 9. Ahem). 

Still, at least I’m blogging again. And at least I went to track it afterwards. These are both vast improvements on my habits over the past few months. Not that I’d stopped counting all together, far from it. I was counting each point that I ate over and above my daily allowance, and then counting the fee for Weight Watchers as it snuck silently out of my account each month. I’ve still been going to class to get weighed, but I haven’t been staying for the meeting, and I absolutely hate to admit it, but I think my leader is right; it really does make a difference when you stay to class, you just seem to leave with loads of resolve. I’ve been hovering around the same point, weight wise, for about 2 months now. I’ve been partaking in the “Dance of the Three Pounds”, you know, where you lose a pound, gain two, lose three, and then gain one. It’s getting reeeeeeally boring. 

So – I’m tracking like a good’un this week, my freezer is full of emergency no point soup for when I’m eating my own elbows and my bike’s been brought out of hiding, blinking into the sunlight. I’ve been wondering for years what that little bristly nozzle on the vacuum cleaner was for, and now I know. It’s for hovering the dust off your ornamental bike. If anything I should be at least a couple of pounds lighter this week from the bike ride we went on. Not from all the hard work of pedalling uphill (and it was fricking hard, let me tell you), but from the many litres of blood I had taken from me by all the hungry mozzies. I hope they were counting points too while they were biting me to death. 

Well, we shall see if my efforts have paid off on Thursday night when I weigh in. My sister is coming with me to Weight Watchers now, so hopefully having someone batting for my team will make things that bit easier. My scary numbers are updated and back on the right à; there for all to behold. I’m ready to take on the world! Or, at least, the fridge. 

Until next time, love Weighty Katie



  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging. It's good to see you back. You're sounding positive. Have a fantastic week. xx

  2. Ah, thank-you honey! I have to admit, it feels good to be back!! xx