Friday, 14 August 2009

It's all gone wrong!!

Just a quick one tonight... where is it all going wrong??

I had a really good week this week - I'd had my head screwed on, had tracked all week and had actually enjoyed being back on the plan. Come weigh in day (Thursday) I wasn't expecting a massive loss, but I was quite sure that I was on to lose at least a pound or maybe even two. So up I go to the scales of woe... I take off my watch, my ID badge from work (which weighs nothing) and I stop short of taking out my hair bobble. I'm so busy congratulating myself for stopping one stage short of insane that I am awoken from my daydream by the words "ooh, 2 and 1/2 on"...
WHAT??! Are you sure? Did I leave my shoes on? Am I wearing jeans? Did I unwisely put my necklace of marbles on? No... I'm just having a shocker.

How do you recover from this? Any tips, anyone? I feel totally devastated, and although I've had a great day, points wise with 14 left for my tea, I've not been able to say no when my fella asked me if I wanted anything for the chippy...
Now, 14 and a half points over my daily limit, I'm desperately trying not to jump off the roof.

So - I'm going to have to do some SERIOUS work to claw this back. Think the bike will be staying out this week...

Weighty Katie


  1. That sucks - I hate it when that happens but unfortunately it does happen. The way I try and look at it is that my body doesn't know it's WI day and your bodyweight can fluctuate by a few pounds a day. It looks like you've just been unlucky this week BUT all your hard work from the previous week won't have been for nothing - I know you've struggled tonight but try your best to keep it to just tonight, you've got a whole week ahead of you. You managed last week and you'll manage again this week.

    Keep yer chin up and keep blogging!


  2. I agree with Tamara, In the past I have found When I have been really good it does not show until the following week.

    Stick at it, draw a line under yesterday and start again.


  3. Draw the line under it and move on. It will show up in the numbers soon! It's not fair though is it when you're good all week and then the reward is a gain... Keep going!

  4. Thanks for your comments folks, I really appreciate it. Think it's nice just to know you're not on your own more than anything! Have had a fab morning, no lnger feel like throwing myself off the roof. instead I have been shopping for a load of lovely fruit and veg, and am currently planning the rest of my week's meals out.

    As they say, it's a marathon, not a sprint!!