Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Small changes make a hefty difference...

It's amazing how you can miss the big picture, but you manage to spot little, bizarre things. For instance, so far I've lost a stone and 4lb, and I really can't see a change at all when I look in the mirror. But I have noticed some other, more subtle changes that no-one else would ever notice. No-one but me, that is....

1) I can paint my toenails now. 
And remove the polish when I get bored of it. As many times as I want without making this noise - "hhnnneuurrgghh" - as I try and bend down to reach them. This is very new for me, my huge waistline has always been an obstacle in the long journey down to my toes. So much so, that once, after allowing my niece to paint my toenails a combination of fluorescent yellow, pink and orange (I'll do anything for some peace and quiet) I was left with said colours on my toes until it grew out. Very embarrasing at Aquafit for the next 6 weeks, I can tell you. Not to mention hospital check ups. However, this weekend, same lovely niece deployed same lovely colour scheme and I am proud to say it posed no problem for my bottle of remover, nor my arms as they reached down to my toes. Now I'm a little bit more trim I'm enjoying getting reacquainted with the lower half of my body. Might have to start shaving my legs though now...

2) My chin takes longer to hit my chest! 
A couple of years ago when looking down (again, looking longingly at where I imagined my toes might be), I was met with the realisation that my chin had become plural, so much so, that I named them; there's Upper Chin, Lower Chin and Difficult Middle Chin. While Upper Chin was glued just under my lips, Lower Chin knew no such restrictions. Whenever I looked down, Lower Chin would hit my chest with a resounding wobble before I'd even made the decision to gaze down. But when I checked out my toes just a week ago, I realised that someone was missing... Where was Difficult Middle Chin? Upper Chin = check. Lower Chin = check. Middle Chin? Completely abandoned me to continue my weight loss crusade alone!  Aboo hoo? I think not. I couldn't have been more chuffed. Upon closer inspection I have realised that it is actually Lower Chin who has left me for another, and Difficult Middle Chin is simply backfilling his place in the hope I won't notice. To me it is a mere formality; the important thing is that I now only have 2 chins and my "Jabba The Hut" impression is becoming less convincing. Whoop whoop!

3) My favourite one...my engagement ring fits again!
Just under 4 years ago, my lovely boyfriend asked me to marry him and in doing so, became my lovely fiance. He sealed the deal with the most beautiful diamond ring, and made me a very happy lady. However, three years on, a love of more or less anything edible and his talents at making gravy meant that I'd put on 3 stone and my fingers were starting to resemble cheap pork sausages. My ring looked Lilliputian in comparison to my Gulliver-esque hand, and although the area where my ring was stayed the same size, the surounding finger got fatter and fatter. I was forced to take off the ring in Sept 2008 rather than face a trip to A&E to have it cut off. I've been trying it on once a month since April, and hey, wouldn;t you know it fits again!! Finally I feel less Ugly Sister, more Cinderella. I know I have a reeeeallly long way to go, but this little win made me feel so great I just had to share it. :)

I might try taking some pictures, to see if I can spot the changes that everyone keeps telling me about. I'll put some up on here so I have a frame of reference to look back upon. Or at least something to scare me away from the chocolate. Ho ho. 

Ta ta for now, Weighty Katie :)

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